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Chapter 3.21. online. • Excerpt and preview • Access to the entire novel by password • The novel as book and ebook will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

3.21. A short phone call


Of course, my mother doesn’t call with Skype. Her cell phone number appears on my display: “Mom, don’t call my Philippine number with your cell phone. This is too expensive!”

My mother interrupts me: “Wait and listen, Tommy, I’m in the car right now. Wait, there’s something, a parking space, wait!”

Incredible, I stare at the phone and wait.

A few minutes later I first hear the sound of the blinker, then my mother curses, then she pulls the hand brake, then I hear the sound of a lighter, her inhalation of a cigarette and finally her worried voice: “Well, I’m back, Tommy.”

My eyes are closed. I’m mentally in nowhere. I have both elbows on the thighs. My right hand supports my forehead. The left hand pushes the Samsung on my ear. Good that it is waterproof, because between the ear and cell phone are already pearls of sweat.

Surprised, I ask: “Yes, I’m here, have you achieved something?”

“Yes, listen to me, my son. Sabine informed the German embassy in Manila. She wrote an email. Calling was not possible because she waited too long and the call was very expensive. I had just spoken to Sabine. She doesn’t have any feedback on her email yet. Write her the exact name of the city and police station you are in and what you are accused of.”
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