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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

3.15. Naked in the hotel. Police — parents


The parents under interrogation.

Office of the policewomen

With a petrified expression, Ma’am Papillio remains at her desk while the parents return to the office and quietly sit on the chairs. She keeps staring into the laptop. Ma’am Tolisan works in the chamber, takes brief notice of the parents and types on the computer keyboard. The parents sense that something is wrong. Maybe the policewomen are upset because the parents are five minutes late returning to the office.

Ma’am Papillio clears her throat, kneads her fine hands briefly and sits down with the parents. Ma’am Tolisan also sits down.

“Well,” Ma’am Papillio begins the conversation, “we have new information about what was going on in the hotel room.”

Ma’am Tolisan lets the tension rise: “The BSWD has informed us! The children said something. Well, something happened in the cottage, an incident.”

Ma’am Papillio beat about the bush: “Yes, it could be put that way, incident.”

The parents get restless.

Ma’am Tolisan clears her throat and looks at Ma’am Papillio: “We already know that some children showered naked and that Heger was strangely present in the bathroom.”

Ma’am Papillio nods and tells: “But new is — and that is really not good — the children told the BSWD employees that they played and masturbated their genitals.”

“And your great friend Tommy watched, approved and not prevented!” adds Ma’am Tolisan triumphantly in a sharp voice and drummed the pencil loudly on the notepad.

The parents are shocked.
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