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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

3.14. Until eighteen?


The boys have a conversation.
The seven boys have had their afternoon nap and are now playing with the new basketball in the yard. Aboy, Phil and Dan, who have been interrogated by Sir Sala and Ma’am Solano, join them. Immediately the same teams form as before. The five from the village play against the three street boys who form a team with the two brothers. There is only one basketball net. It doesn’t take long for the five villagers to throw fifteen baskets and win. They are the well-rehearsed team.

Now the ten boys sit breathless and sweating on the concrete blocks.

“Sam, what did you tell the fat bitch when you were alone with her?” Aboy asks after they have caught their breath. Then he wipes the sweat from his face and forehead with the front of his t-shirt away.

Sam is surprised by the question and stutters: “What, what?”

Phil scowls at Sam: “When you were chatting with her alone, you told the fat aunt that we were playing with our dicks. While you were talking to her, she was always loud: Oh, my God; oh, my God!”

With a mischievous expression Dan repeats: “Oh, my God; oh, my God! You don’t know, Sam, but we were listening at the door.” He slowly nods to emphasize his words.

Aboy adds: “Because you said that, the two fat olds called us over and grilled us. But we also told them that you rubbed your dick under the covers.”

Dan laughs and repeats: “You rubbed.”

Even the leader of the street boy Dodung laughs: “Aha, so Sam is ready.” He spoils the word ‚Exercise‘, laughs at Sam and says: “Sexercise every day, wank, wank?”

It seems Sam is uncomfortable with the conversation: “Well, I’ve checked my equipment. But Aboy, Phil and Dan called, who has the biggest? They had a competition.”

Dodung grins to Aboy, Dan and Phil: “And who has the biggest one?”

“Aboy,” laughs Dan.

“Sam,” calls Phil.

“He didn’t take part at all. Sam doesn’t count!” shouts Aboy indignantly.

Phil nods and grins mischievously.

“You are all stupid!” says Jan. He looks darkly: “Sam, you shouldn’t have told the fat bitch.”

Sam replies sadly: “I didn’t mean to.”

“But why did you tell it then?” asks Phil.

“Well,” sobs Sam, but remains silent.

“Well, what?” demands Jan. His little brother Dan babbles: “Well, what?”

“Oh no, I…” Sam stutters and sobs: “The fat aunt said I should tell the truth, if not, we’ll stay at BSWD until our eighteenth birthday.“ Sam is close to tears.
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