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Journey into Disaster

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3.13. Cute Ning

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3.13. Cute Ning

(Continuation of chapter 3.06.)

Marielou storms into the parents house of her best friend and immediately into Ning’s small bedroom: “Ning, Ning, you heard, Tommy has been arrested! Some boys are in the BSWD youth home! In Tugalm City. This is a disaster. Ning, that can not be true!”

“Yes, of course I heard that! The whole village is talking about it and two of my cousins are among them. Jan and Dan.”

“Oh, your uncle’s sons, your cousins?”

“Yes, from my father’s brother. My family Barcella.”

“Ning, I know your family! Somehow the two of us are related to.”

“Everyone in the village is related to each other, Marielou, you sweetheart.”

Marielou tries to get attention: “Ning, weren’t you listening? Tommy has been arrested!”

The extremely attractive Ning is lying on her stomach on the bed. Her legs are bent upwards and her delicate feet are circling in the air. She supports her narrow chin with her hands. The top she wears is cut very deep. The way Ning is lying there, the top shows more than it hides. Concentrated, she looks at the laptop. An inserted USB stick with SIM card flashes frantically. A table fan hums in the corner of the room and ensures tolerable temperatures.

“Ning, why are you lying in front of your laptop with your make-up on? Now finally listen to me!”

Ning won’t be bothered. On the screen, Marielou recognizes a pixelated but easily recognizable face of a man in his best years, with blond hair. Ning speaks in honey-sweet tones into the headset microphone: “Darling, a friend has just come. It must be important. Can we chat in an hour, please?”

Marielou is standing next to the bed. Apparently the fair-skinned man talks to Ning. She turns the computer: „Marielou, say hello to Kimmi. He’s from Finland.“

Marielou waves timidly.

Ning says into the headset’s microphone: „Oh, no Kimmi, we can’t do that. My parents are next door. But I think Marielou isn’t wearing a bra right now.

Marielou nudges Ning. She is now outside of the laptop’s camera, grimaces and lets the index finger of her right hand circle around her temple. The gesture for: he is crazy!

“Okay, Kimmi, in an hour? Good, okay, honey! Bye.”

Ning closes the laptop without warning. The USB stick no longer flashes.

“Very good,” groans Ning, “another guy with a lot of money. I’ll have him ready soon!”

“So far soon, for what?”

“Oh, Marielou, you are really behind the moon. Kim wants to send me money by Western Union.”

Marielou plays the offended: “Sorry to bother you.”

The super-slim Ning jumps from the bed: “Come on, honey, let’s get out on the veranda. Drink iced tea. My mum will make some for us.”

Ning discovered the Internet three years ago — when she was sixteen years old — and immediately recognized the many ways to make quick money with it. She became aware of her effect on men when she was 14. She surfs on different platforms every day. It used to be Frienster, now it’s more Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She is also on some dating sites or chat forums, but also on Skype, Telegram, Viber or Whatsapp. The internet is full of lonely men’s hearts. Ning is the master of pulling the money out of these lustful guys with various stories and eroticism. She hopes that her prince will be among them at some point. Ning is sure of it. And then get away from the Philippines as quickly as possible.


Now the two beautiful Asian girls are sitting on the shady veranda and drinking cold iced tea. Since Ning has been up to mischief on the Internet, the poor fisherman’s hut has turned into a handsome little house. Ning’s father rarely goes fishing and Ning’s younger brother goes to private high school for his first year.

“Ning, do you have a load? I need a call,” says Marielou nervously and adds in a mock command tone (in the very special language of long-time friends): “Now let the cp grow over, honey. I know you have load!”

Ning, grinning, pushes the expensive touchscreen across the table. Marielou reads Tommy’s number from her cheap cell phone and types it into Ning’s Samsung. It rings, but Tommy doesn’t answer: “Of course they took the cell phone from Tommy,” whispers Marielou and bites her lower lip. The same game with Franco’s number. Franco is her cousin. The fathers are brothers of the Taslig family. One of the largest clans in the village and in and around Sendong City.

A crack in the loudspeaker, then a deafening noise. It gushes out of Marielou: “Franco, it’s Lou. Thanks God, you’re on the phone! Where are you? It’s so loud with you? How is Tommy? Has he already been dismissed? That’s a misunderstanding! Franco, what happened anyway? And what’s about the boys?“ At the last few words, Marielou sobs and is close to shedding tears.

“I can’t understand anything! Who’s it? I’m in a Motorela.”

“It’s me, Marielou!”

“Ah, Lou, we’re running errands for Tommy. Call back in three minutes.”

Ning refills the glasses: “What’s the college doing?”

“We had a lot of actions and activities over the weekend. It was fun. Ning, you always have advice. How can we help Tommy?”

“I saw the news, Lou, in Kandayo’s house. Why is Tommy going to Tugalm City with the boys? And why isn’t he coming back the same day?”

Marielou is frustrated: “I’d like to know that too, Ning, but that doesn’t matter now. Tommy is arrested and the children in the BSWD.”

“You, Lou, doesn’t Tommy support you? Has he ever asked for something in return?”

Marielou looks questioningly and drinks a small sip of iced tea: “What do you mean, Ning?”

“Hello, Lou, take a look at yourself in the mirror! You are a cute sweet eighteen and you look just gorgeous!”

It dawns on Marielou. For a moment she is stunned by the question of her best friend. Nevertheless, she says resolutely: “No! Tommy never asked me! He’s not that kind of man.”

“You see, Lou. Maybe Tommy is into the cuties. I mean in the little cuties!”

Marielou is shocked by Ning’s frankness and what has been said. She chokes on the iced tea, coughs and stutters: “You’re stupid, Ning! Not all men are guys like yours from the Internet. These horny guys just want to see you naked in front of the camera and then lay you down on the first date.”

Ning is completely unmoved: “That’s right, sweetheart. But as long as they pay, that’s okay. And they pay well!”

Ning’s cell phone briefly plays a melody and falls silent.

“Oh, it’s Franco’s number.” Marielou calls back, but before she can say anything, Franco speaks breathlessly: “Don’t worry, Marielou. Tommy is okay. Children too. Attorney is already on his way to see Tommy. We’re shopping for him.”

“What can I do now, Franco?” Marielou is now shouting: „I want to help!”

“You can’t do anything now, just pray, Lou. Well, I, well, we have something to do. Kagawad is with me. Oh, Lou, maybe you can do something after all. Let Frank know. He’s in his house, I think. But I think he’ll already know about Tommy. Frank is also from Germany. Maybe the embassy can help? Try it, Lou. We’re in a hurry, because we want to go back to Tommy in a moment.”

Marielou looks at the cell phone perplexed, because suddenly the conversation is over.

“Franco said I should go to Frank. Are you coming with me, Ning?”

“I have an important date, Lou.”

“Well, honey,” sighs Marielou, “then I’ll go. Oh, Ning, please don’t tell such things about Tommy. Something like that can quickly become a sure-fire success.”

“Sorry Lou, that I talked so. Tommy is a good person, I know. You’re worried about your college and all that. I understand you.”

“I’ll see you later,” says Ning. The two girls hug briefly.

Now Marielou is on the way to Frank, the German. He owns the house at the mouth of the river. The house that Thomas Heger stayed in many times.

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