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Journey into Disaster

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3.12. Truth and dizziness


The parent’s interrogation is almost over, but then the superintendent gets a call from the social worker who is supervising the children.
Ma’am Papillio goes to her desk. She’s curious who’s calling all the time. Her cell phone is buzzing in her hand, and she’s taking the call: “Ma’am Solano, good afternoon.”

Ma’am Solano seems excited, she takes a short breath and moans reproachfully: “Ma’am Papillio, good that I can finally reach you! I’ve tried for almost an hour!”

“I was very busy!” She apologizes half-heartedly and asks: “Well, now you’ve got me on the phone, what’s so important?”

Ma’am Solano replies breathlessly: “The boys played with their genitals in the hotel and this German watched and didn’t stop it! In addition, he was alone in the bathroom with little Aboy for a while. That’s what Phil, Aboy and Dan reported. I’ll write a short report, ma’am.”

Ma’am Papillio looks at the parents who are about to leave the office. She covers with her hand the cell phone and says: “Just a little moment. Stay please!”

Reluctantly, the parents sit down again. Michael and Matthew already have cigarettes in their hands.

The investigator speaks to the social worker: “Oh, that’s interesting news. Did the boys say why they didn’t tell us about ‚playing‘?”

“The children answered this question, because nobody asked!” In order to dramatize the matter, Ma’am Solano swindles a little, she quickly adds: ”They said, they were ashamed to talk to the police about it.”

There is a short pause in thought. Ma’am Papillio turns away from the parents and holds her hand over her cell phone, and whispers: “Bad photos?”
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