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Journey into Disaster

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3.11. My visitors


I swallow the sugared bun with Coke: “I’m really glad to see you.”

My visitors also chew pieces of yeast cake. Kagawad and Franco are silent and reserved. It seems they are keeping a secret. Silas and Mikel-Loy are happy and excited.

Then Silas bursts out: “Tommy, imagine we are not allowed to visit the boys!”

Mikel-Loy can’t hold back the information either: “Uncle Mik-Mik, I mean Michael, Phil’s father, could still enter the BSWD. He brought the boys our food.”

Silas interrupts Mikel-Loy: “But Sam’s mom, Rica, had to stay outside.”

“Aunty Rica also cooked food. We didn’t know that. We cooked too, so we cooked twice for the boys,” says Mikel-Loy excitedly.

Kagawad lights a Marlboro. Franco is silent and looks like Kagawad seriously.

Silas is pouring more Coke, but lets the cup overflow in his excitement: “Hey man, Tommy, they have all a really highblood.”

Shocked by the bad news, I ask: “Parents are forbidden to visit the boys? Who ordered that? And who has a highblood?” Stressed up I rove my hair. “Shit! Damn it, what can we do now?” My throat is tight. The yeast lump in my mouth is getting bigger and bigger, and it takes me a long drink of Coke to swallow it down.

Kagawad clears his throat: “The parents have calmed down already, Tommy. I know this from other cases of abuse and neglect of children. As Kagawad, I am always involved when something like this happens in our village. Usually the isolation is only so long until the police have completed the investigation.”

Kagawad can’t reassure me. I’m desperate, in panic and have a choked voice: “But this is an escalation! The story is getting out of control! Why are they doing this? Isn’t it clear that I am innocent? Damn, everything goes completely out of control!”

“Calm down, Tommy, we’ll see.” Kagawad blows the smoke from the cigarette into the deep-blue sky and holds the box under my nose. I pull one and light it with trembling hands. Silas and Mikel-Loy get restless. Kagawad gives them a sharp look. But his heart is too soft to refuse cigarettes to the two.

“Don’t get used to it in the first place, expensive and unhealthy!”

I usually have as much nicotine in one year as I’ve had in the past two days. In this exceptional situation is it suddenly irrelevant. The cigarette helps to come down.
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