Journey into Disaster • Chapter 3.10. online

Chapter 3.10. online. • Excerpt and Preview • Access to the entire chapter with password • The novel will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

3.10. Naked in the hotel

The social workers ask three of the five boys what happened in the hotel.


“Well,” says Ma’am Solano, “we want to know what happened in the hotel. Yesterday I had a short talk with Sam. He told me that Phil didn’t just jump on the bed, instead he was lying on the bed and playing with his penis.”

Sir Sala turns to Phil: “Without pants and without shirt!”

Phil is startled and pushes himself into the plastic chair. The chair slips a little backwards. Phil looks to the side, embarrassed. “Um,” is his only reaction.

Ma’am Solano leans towards Phil: “And Tommy was watching?”

“And he also took photos?” adds Sir Sala quickly. The way Ma’am and Sir pronounce their sentences, Phil and the two other children are uncertain whether these are questions or statements.

After a brief pause in thought, Phil stutters: “No, no, Tommy, he didn’t take any photos.”

Aboy laughs: “Ha, Phil called, I have the biggest.”

Phil counters: “I was just kidding! And you Aboy took part and Dan too.”

Aboy laughs again: “But only because you’re such a show-off.”

Sir Sala and Ma’am Solano fixate Dan.

With downcast eyes and a slight grin, he says quietly: “Aboy and Phil made their dicks big. I just played along. It was just for fun.”

“And Tommy, he said that you should do that and then took photos?” Ma’am Tolisan states: “He has such a great camera.”

Sir Sala is biting a biscuit. It cracks loudly, he chews and asks: “And did you participate?”

Ma’am Tolisan leans forward and whispers: “Take part of a photo shooting?”
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