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Journey into Disaster

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3.08. Conspiracy


The senior social worker of the BSWD Ma’am Solano has a call with the CEO of the TV station: “Yes, Sir Steiner, sorry, but I can’t do anything. This is an order of the police. The children are isolated and nobody is allowed to visit them”

Steiner sounds indignantly from the loudspeaker of the cell phone: “Ma’am Solano, there is always a way.”

Ma’am hears Steiner blowing out the smoke of a cigarette. He continues in a conspiratorial voice: “We need another interview as soon as possible. And of course, Ma’am, we will pay another handsome sum.”

“Yes, yes, of course, Sir!” Ma’am Solano stutters submissively and wipes the sweat from her forehead with a handkerchief. “But not here in the BSWD, that’s impossible.” Her voice becomes higher: “Sir Steiner, a good opportunity for a short interview could be if the prosecutor wants to see the boys in the Hall of Justice. The problem is, Ma’am Papillio hasn’t finished her investigation to bring the case to the prosecutor. It takes a while before the prosecutor wants to see the boys.”

Steiner interrupts Ma’am Solano’s speech: “It’s no wonder. The German has only been in prison for two days.”

There is a clicking of a piezo-lighter, Steiner inhales and a short pause in thought follows. He blows out the smoke of the cigarette sharply and is annoyed: “It can take one to two weeks before the prosecutor calls the children. We can’t wait that long, Ma’am. Manila is on my neck. They want more information and another interview. We are exclusive now. Manila gives me great credit. But I have to deliver, otherwise the story will be burned quickly. The competitors never sleeps.”

Ma’am Solano ponders and her voice rises again by one pitch: “I…, Sir Steiner…, I’ll talk to the chief prosecutor. I know him privately. One of his prosecutors should question the children himself as soon as possible.” She jumps from her chair and yells pointedly: “I know, how we can cut time short!”
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