Journey into Disaster • Chapter 3.07. online

Chapter 3.07. online. • Excerpt and Preview • Access to the entire chapter with password. • The novel will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

3.07. Cluelessness


Rica arrives the church about 20 minutes after Michael. There are anger and frustration among the parents and their friends, because Rica was not allowed to visit the children. Nobody really knows what to do now. Michael, Matthew, Romolo, Kagawad Jacub Castro, the freetime-pastor Jack and the two teenagers have to smoke — about Rica’s bad experience — in front of the hut of the Born Again congregation.

Rica, Lang, Vicente and the pastor’s wife, sit together, comforting Rica and wiping tears from their eyes. Rica is still completely dissolved and must first calm down. She is hardly capable of a reasonable conversation.

Returned after smoking, the men and the two teenagers Silas and Mikel-Loy sit apart from the women. Michael tells breathlessly and with sweeping gestures how he was able to use Marlboro to get the security guard to enter the youth home. He and his audience giggle a few times. Then he reports with a low voice and a serious expression on the conversation with the head of the youth home Sir Sala, his unpleasant questions and the strange suspicions towards Tommy. His face brightens again when he tells how the children were happy about the little cuddly toys. Rica, who stayed with their daughter with her husband Ernesto, knows nothing about cuddly toys. The women tell Rica that they bought small gifts, sweets and everyday items for the children at Gaisano this morning.

Sam’s mother, Rica, curses the unkempt security guard who denied her access to the youth home and almost put one of the plastic bags with the food in a dirty puddle. She hides her ugly memories of the devil Dengue and the subsequent nervous breakdown. Rica is deeply indignant about the youth home. But now that she is among the friends from the village, her energy and confidence are returning. She dries the last tears, straightens her hair and finds her way to calm down. Fighting spirit is back, and that’s how the friends know her.
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