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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

3.05. The devil “Dengue


A sad chapter about Dengue.
Stunned, Rica slowly realizes what happened to her: The youth home won’t let me see Sam! She presses the doorbell several times, but the doorbell remains silent. “Switched off! They won’t let me see my son.” This hits her like a hammer. She howls loudly and remembers the thoughts she just had before: The anticipation of the big, happy children’s eyes at the sight of the delicacies.

“No!” she exclaims in despair and violently shakes the gate. “I do not accept that I cannot see my son. I will not lose another child!”

Some visitors, possibly employees on the way to the other buildings, stop for a moment and shake their heads at the woman at the gate who is crying loudly and hysterically.

Memories and emotions are awakened that she long suppressed: Her sweet daughter, her baby, her little princess. She remembers and sees the small body lying on the treatment table, the small back of the hand, much too tiny for the infusion needles. Rica remembers that much blood. Blood that comes from all orifices. In her mind’s eye, she again sees the hectic doctors and the overwhelmed nurses. And the annoyed doctor who referred her from the treatment room when she had a crying fit. To this day, she cannot remember the tranquilizer she received, but of that sudden, monotonous sound. There was no “beep, beep, beep” anymore. Than this unbearable silence and the doctors and nurses with drooping shoulders and bowed eyes.

“The devil Dengue fetched another child.” This phrase was said very often during the epidemic.

Her cute princess, just three years old. Rica remembers the sweet laugh, but she will never hear it again. Never again! Then, there were these ambiguous statements of the hospital employees: “Why she did not come earlier to the hospital? Do not wait in case of Dengue-fever. You did not use a mosquito-net or a spray, Lion Tiger or a protective skin-cream against mosquitoes? You did not remove all the puddles and other open water around the house?” She and her husband Ernesto felt guilty of the death of her little daughter. They never talked about it. It took a long time to process this pain, to repress what was happening and the feeling of guilt. Then came Samuel. Sam has a very similar character to her little princess. He is always interested in everything, open-minded and always laughs. He never has anything bad in his mind. A good kid.
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