Journey into Disaster • Chapter 3.01. online

Chapter 3.01. online. • Excerpt and Preview • Access to the entire chapter with password. • The novel will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

3.01. Hypocritical


The villagers slept in the church of freetime-pastor Jack.
Vicente, Michael’s wife, also disagrees: “Attorney Padernesto did a very good job. When I was a child a policeman has shot my father. He got a life sentence. Why should we trust Tommy to an unknown attorney? I ask you?”

Jack replies sullenly, there is also anger in his voice: “De Baron is very well-known here and very successful. It is important that an attorney knows everyone in town!”

Lang looks embarrassed into the coffee cup: “We have to stay positive. Maybe Tommy doesn’t need an attorney after all. You heard what the children said. They said nothing!”

Matthew, Lang’s spouse, repeats: “Nothing!”

Jack, the wooden doll face, laughs: “Ha, you didn’t see the TV news? What do you think, what’s going on now?” He points to the open door, talking in rage and speaks his words louder: “The city has no other topic anymore. A German with five cute young boys in a hotel! How stupid is that?

Jack’s visitors are startled and look in disgust away.

But Jack is not finished yet and is now really in a rage: “The mayor of Tugalm City, the police, the media, the groups against violence against children, the foreign organizations, the BSWD — and who know who else? — they are just forming. Tommy doesn’t need an attorney? That’s right, he doesn’t need only one attorney, the German needs several! He needs a whole army of attorneys!”

The villagers are speechless. They haven’t looked at the subject from the side yet.

Lang replied defiantly: “The children testify that there was nothing!”

The parents, Kagawad, Franco and the teenagers nod vigorously.

Romolo was all the time silent. He clears his throat: “Lang is right. The boys said nothing bad had happened. And the shower in the hotel? I beg you! That is never enough for an indictment. And if we’re on Tommy’s side, nothing will happen. Nothing at all!”
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