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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

3.00. Second day in jail — Pray


First of 3. chapter (Monday)
After the toilet and a soothing shower in the police station, I am now back in the usual circle with the Officers Sarang and Pangutana. We drink instant coffee. Sarang’s son is already torturing dad’s laptop with “Counter Strike.” The police student, I gave him money for baked goods 15 minutes ago, has just returned and brings pandesal rolls and sweets. I leave him the change.

Officer Sarang’s son, takes a second bun. “What about his mother?”

“Um, yes,” Officer Sarang is surprised at the question and I regret asking it. The officer immediately smiled mildly and replied: “She’s gone. From one day to another, just gone. Maybe it’s the working hours. I’m almost never at home and when I do, I’m too exhausted for anything.” Officer Sarang stirs the coffee with an absent look: “Maybe we were just too young. First love and so on.”

I’m not quite sure how to answer Officer Sarang’s remarks. To end the seconds of silence, I reply: “You did it well,” and point the sugar-roll at John.

“John is fine, he’s a nice kid. Sometimes a little too calm.” There is pride in Sarang’s voice. John seems ashamed of the conversation about him. He rolls his eyes.

“No dance class today?” I ask him.

John’s father replies: “I don’t know if John’s English is enough, but he has no school today. Are you still on vacation? Mr. Heger, how about you? Only a life partner? Not married? No children?”

“Getting married is such a thing. Many in Germany live in a marriage-like community, without a wedding ring. I have a son. For a long time I didn’t know that he even existed. The result of a very, very short relationship. His mother died early. When he was 14, he found me. His grandma had documents with my name on it. He looks like me. Undoubtedly my son.” I’m laughing: “Even without a DNA test.”

Also Sarang and Pangutana are laughing.

I change the conversation to my topics: “It’s very important to call my family in Germany this afternoon. My family will inform the Embassy of the Philippines in Germany and the German Embassy in Manila today.”
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