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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.39. Breakdown


Heger alone in the dungeon (Last chapter of second chapter.)
I sleep and wake up. The skinny candle flickers nervously, in a barely noticeable breeze. The disgusting stench of the dump mixes with the smell of the smoldering and incense-scented Lion-Tiger. The mosquito killer does not improve the air in the cell either. Cold moonlight shines through the narrow window. The light from the halogen spotlights shines through the lattice door. The cell ceiling and the walls can hardly be seen, it is very dark. As a reflex I beat my ear, because suddenly a mosquito hums there as if it were flying straight into my ear canal. Now I am finally awake, although I should be sleeping but sit on the edge of the bed. My watch’s LED illuminates 10:04 p.m.

“Already 24 hours arrested.” I’m frustrated. It echoes in my brain: 24 hours! “Damn it, I’ve been detained for 24 hours! Just why? Because of a day and a very short night in the hotel? What happened? What’s the point? Is this a joke? Am I in the wrong film, on the wrong train and track?” I’m talking in the dark.

A lot is going through my brain. My dear family, friends and colleagues in Germany. The families and friends from the village. And of course, the five boys who are now in the youth home: The sturdy, practical Sam, the thoughtful and intelligent Jan, who always has an eye on his cute and shy brother Dan. Then the always funny and cheeky Aboy and his good-natured and adventurous cousin Phil. Remembering the constant and natural happiness of the boys and how happy they were about our trip makes me happy and sad at the same time. There are still fires in their young clear eyes, and they have that certain sparkle.

There’s this saying:

The entire universe can be found in every child.

My eyes get wet, I sob, howl softly at once and lie on the filthy bed. The small terry towel covers my face and is already soaked with tears. Nature takes its toll. I fall into a dreamless sleep.
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