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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.38. Phone call


Heger calls his family in Germany.
“How should we not worry? How, Tommy?” Mother asks indignantly.

Sabine adds: “Tommy, you were arrested in the Philippines. Everyone knows, neither law nor order is there. We don’t hear anything good about this country, Tommy, you know that.”

“But I’ve never had any problems here. Except at night you shouldn’t be in the streets. That’s why we slept in the hotel.”

Marie sobs. I can literally imagine her shaking her head and the red spots appearing on her pale face. They always come when Marie is excited or upset. Surely she’s wearing the patterned purple scarf that she loves so much. It’s winter in Germany. She says bitterly: “I always warned you to go there, Tommy.”

“You were always with your self-help groups. Men are not allowed there. You don’t like long-distance travel either, Marie. So why should I go to waste my holiday in Germany? Here I can go on vacation, I can relax and do something good with a small amount of money.”

Marie wants to answer, but Sabine stops her: “Marie, Tommy, that won’t do any good. We have to see how we can get you out of there.”

“Sorry, Marie,” I say contrite.

“It’s okay, Tommy,” sobs Marie.

Sabine goes on: “While you were getting together so nicely, I found the addresses of the German Embassy in Manila and the Philippine Embassy here in our city on Dad’s computer on the Internet. Nobody will be there today, because Sunday. Mother can, however, tomorrow morning visit the embassy of the Philippines. It’s close by. Tommy, is there a warrant of arrest?”

“Warrant of arrest? I don’t know? I didn’t ask about it. Sorry again. I’m totally exhausted. I hardly slept last night. So many things happened in a row today.
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