Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.35. online

Chapter 2.35. online. • Excerpt and Preview • Access to the entire chapter with password. • The novel will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.35. Confrontation! Parents — Sons


The parents talk to their sons.
Romolo cannot follow what is happening in the bathroom. The whole back and forth about who showered with whom and when and whether Tommy was in the bathroom or not really gets on his nerves: “My God, it doesn’t matter who showered with whom and when, with or without pants. That is still children.”

Matthew and Michael nod. Ernesto is silent. Vicente and Rica also nod a little. Lang, however, the anger rises in the face.

Suddenly Lang grabs Jan by the shoulders and shakes him: “Did Tommy touch you there?” she asks loudly and a little too aggressively and grabs her son Jan by the zipper of the shorts.

Jan takes half a step back in horror and calls out with a cracking voice: “No!”

Dan, Jan’s little brother, is also frightened and starts crying uninhibitedly.

Matthew is surprised by his wife’s outburst of anger and comes to the aid of his sons: “Lang, control yourself! The security guard is already staring!”

Indeed, the security guard looks out of the window on the first floor of the watchtower with a critical eye.

Lang is angry about herself and immediately takes both sons in her arms and hugs them. Now all three are crying.

Vicente massages Lang’s shoulders lightly: “Calm down. It’s not good if we’re crying in front of the police.”

Matthew gives Lang his little handkerchief, Lang blows his nose and sobs: “Sorry, I don’t believe it myself, don’t think Tommy does something like that.”
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