Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.32. online

Chapter 2.32. online. • Excerpt and Preview • Access to the entire chapter with password. • The novel will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.32. Visitors and financial things


First visitors for Heger after his arrestment.
We enjoy the huge yeast piece and the Coke. Franco becomes restless and exchanges furtive glances with Kagawad. He obviously wants to say something, is searching for words, looks embarrassed at me and then back at Kagawad.

“Franco, what’s with you?”

Franco starts very quietly and stutters: “Tommy, you know, the bus trip is expensive. We also caught very little fish this morning and in the last few days.”

Mikel-Loy interjects: “This morning the catch was great!”

Franco punishes Mikel-Loy with a sharp look and explains: “The parents and we do not believe that you and the boys can go home today.”

Frustrated, I reply: “I don’t think so either.”

Kagawad explains: “We want to stay over night.”

Now Franco interrupts Kagawad and that is a huge disrespect for an elder. Mikel-Loy and Silas are also immediately tense because of an expected reaction from the Kagawad. But that doesn’t happen.

Franco continues to speak unmoved: “Well, I borrowed the money for the bus and also put out Sila’s fare.”

Silas wants to protest, but is again silenced by Franco’s venomous looks.

“We haven’t eaten anything either.” Franco looks at the teenagers who are still chewing.

They nod embarrassedly.
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