Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.30. online

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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.30. Frustrated policewomen


The two policewomen have a conversation.
Ma’am Tolisan looks at the boss thoughtfully: “What I heard about this NGO is all in all positive.”

“That may be true, ma’am. In hot spots like Manila or Cebu they are necessary and certainly also successful. But here in the provinces? And as I already said, they mainly focus on the stories, where foreigners are involved. That sometimes brings worldwide attention, public and of course donations. The many cases in which only Filipinos are involved, they rarely show interest.”

“There is some truth in that, Ma’am Papillio. I noticed that too.”

“Yes, Ma’am Tolisan, what annoys me is this arrogance of the foreign NGOs. They should first look and work in their own countries. They have enough to do there. If we compare the penalties for child abuse with Europe or the USA, the Philippines are far tougher. The prison sentences and fines are much longer and higher here than there. So, Ma’am Tolisan, what does the NGOs want from the Philippines? Why they are here?”

Ma’am Tolisan nods, embarrassed, and remains silent.

Suddenly Ma’am Papillio gets up and shouts angrily: “Everyone collects money and only we always get the kicks! I’m so sick of it, ma’am. These foreign NGOs know nothing about our country, the local customs and traditions. Telling us, how we have to do our work! Reports about our police work, about the entire Filipino judiciary and society on the Internet and in other media are always totally negative and portray us as stupid. Ma’am Tolisan. The NGOs inflates the case. Make it more bloody than it actually is. Otherwise the purses, the moneybags, won’t open in the US, Europe and Australia! And then when guys like this American go home, we have to defence ourselves and must explain why we monster let run!”
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