Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.29. online

Chapter 2.29. online. • Excerpt and Preview • Access to the entire chapter with password. • The novel will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.29. Meet the boys again


Thomas Heger meets the five boys in the office of the police station.
Officer Sarang suddenly claps his hands loudly and stands up: “Well, the boys really seem to like you!” He says this with an honest and happy tone. “Children, are you hungry?” asks Officer Sarang and looks at me.

The children nod, some cheerfully shout: “Yes!”

“What can we buy, sir?” I ask uncertainty.

“What’s about Limpo, sir? We could buy Limpo, this is grilled pork, in the square across from the police station. Pangu, um, Sir Pangutana will buy it, if you want.”

The children’s eyes widen when they hear the word “Limpo.” Even Officer Sarang’s son John looks up from the laptop.

“Limpo!” I repeat and ask: “What’s about rice and drinks?”

“No problem sir, we can buy everything there,” answers Officer Sarang and looks at Officer Pangutana. He grins, nods and looks at me.

“Limpo?” I repeat. But in my mind I’m on my wallet counting. Fortunately, I have enough money and give Officer Pangutana two of the blue thousands.

“Oh!” Officer Pangutana looks astonished and quickly adds: “That’s more than enough. We are three adults and six children. Drinks, sir, what should it be? Coke, Royal, Sprite, water?”

I am overwhelmed and feel a little run over. It is assumed that I pay for the food. Here is no different to the village. The foreigner pays! It was often when we drank beer. I remember this with a smile. I brush the stupid thoughts aside, instead I’m happy. I must be happy, to be here in a friendly atmosphere with the children. Officer Sarang also said the kids didn’t say anything negative against me. It can’t go any better!

For the moment I am satisfied. Officer Pangutana is on the way.
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