Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.28. online

Chapter 2.28. online. • Excerpt and Preview • Access to the entire chapter with password. • The novel will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.28. The world isn’t bad


Thomas Heger has surprise visitors at the police cell.
Suddenly there are children’s feet outside the lattice door wearing worn flip-flops. My gaze wanders upwards, and I look into big eyes of amazed children. There are two brothers and two sisters standing there like organ pipes. The youngest is around six years old, the oldest maybe twelve.

Now I also notice the hustle and bustle on the forecourt of the cell house. These are visitors and the prisoners. I hear lively conversations, laughter, the clatter of plates and cutlery and bottles, which are deposited loud in boxes. The children are poorly dressed and spindly. The girls‘ blouses are washed out and the two brothers wear the same basketball jerseys, although they are the furthest apart in terms of age.

With my left hand I wave to them and say: “Hello!”

That puts smiles on the children’s faces and they greet back in the same way. The plump mother appears and chases her children away. Suddenly an elderly man stands behind her, probably the mother’s father. He is no less astonished than his daughter and grandchildren when he sees me. His mouth is almost without teeth.

“Hey, Joe,” he greets with a sunken mouth and skinny fingers.

I greet him with the same “Hello” that I used to greet the children.

The two turn away. The mother is close to twisting her neck because she can’t take her eyes off me. They disappear from my sight. People are constantly walking back and forth in front of my cell door. The toilet next to my cell comes to mind. Of course, they wash their dishes there or use the toilet.

The oldest siblings are suddenly standing in front of the door again. The boy is holding a large mug of coke in the cell. The girl has a small plastic bag with two buns. Their grandpa shows up and encourages me to accept the gifts.
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