Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.27. online

Chapter 2.27. online. • Excerpt and Preview • Access to the entire chapter with password. • The novel will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.27. Children under interrogation – Part 2


The policewomen aware the conversation and immediately leaves the chamber. The children remain silence, are shy and sitting without movements in the chairs.

Ma’am Papillio begins the second part of the questioning: “Tommy is your friend?”

The boys hesitate.

Aboy whispers: “Yes.”

His four friends are twitching their eyebrows very quickly and barely noticeably.

“How long have you known Tommy?” Ma’am Papillio continues.

Aboy loses his shyness a little: “Since forever, ma’am. My father once said that he had already had Tanduay Rum and beer with Tommy when I wasn’t there yet.”

The two women can’t help but smile.

Ma’am Papillio looks at Jan and Dan. Jan ponders and then replies: “Maybe four or five years?”

Dan quickly says: “When I was eight.”

Now it is Phil’s turn to answer: “Ma’am, Tommy took photos at my parents‘ wedding and gave us an album. He didn’t want anything in return! I remember when I was seven or eight years old.”

Sam is the last to reply: “Five years or so ma’am.”

“Does Tommy always live with you in the village?” asks Ma’am Tolisan.

Sam replies: “Actually yes. Always at his friend’s house. But this time he has an apartment in Sendong City.”

Jan explains elaborately: “Tommy doesn’t have the house in the village this time. The man who owns the house is in it.”

Phil repeats and adds: “The other foreigner owns the house. He’s there now. That’s why Tommy doesn’t sleep in the village this time, but in Sendong City.”

Sam reports: “But if the person who owns the house is not there, Tommy always lives there.”

The two policewomen look at each other questioningly. Ma’am Papillio reacts with a drawn out: “Aha.” She then asks: “And how long will Tommy stay with you in the village or in his apartment?”
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