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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.26. Scratching backs


Social worker Ma’am Solano and the CEO of the local TV channel have a conversation.


My God, she thinks, that’s a real media professional. He tells an infinite amount of sentences without saying anything meaningful. Concentration quickly fades and her eyelids become heavy. Last night was very short.

She startles and opens her eyes in panic because suddenly it is quiet.

Steiner clears his throat loudly and looks at his golden wristwatch.

Unprompted, Ma’am chatters confusedly: “Yes, sir, Mr. Steiner, you’re welcome! We arrested another sex gangster. If we have a new case like this, I will — of course — call you immediately.”

Steiner looks first blankly, then conspiratorially. He leans forward. On the one hand to express the half-smoked Marlboro, on the other hand to fish the envelope out of the jacket with his left hand and solemnly present it to her: “Ma’am Solano, our little courtesy for your kindness to us.”

Ma’am takes the envelope from Steiner too fast, is embarrassed about it and — as a skip act — waves with the envelope air in her face. She puts her left hand frivolously on his hand, flirtatiously and sings: “Oh, Sir Steiner! Sir, that wouldn’t have been necessary. That was taken for granted.

Steiner leans forward again and interrupts the slimy talk: “Ma’am, the boys are under your care?”

Ma’am Solano hovers in distant spheres, is not prepared for this question and stutters: “Um, yes, yes, of course, yes, under our custody.”

“That’s good, ma’am!” replies Steiner and adds: “Isolate the children!” He bends very close to Ma’am’s face — so close that Ma’am is uncomfortable and she has to smell cold cigarette smoke — and says in a hard voice: “Especially in front of the competition! No TV, radio or newspaper reporters! Do you understand, ma’am? You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”
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