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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.25. Children under interrogation – part 1


The two policewomen conduct the interrogation of the five boys.


Ma’am Papillio: “Why bought pants?”

Aboy jumps off the chair excitedly and is just beginning to answer the question. Ma’am Papillio tells Aboy to sit down. He sits again, grumbles and begins to answer the question again.

Before Aboy says any word, Phil calls out: “Hotel manager!”

Ma’am Papillio frowns: “Hotel manager?”

Aboy stands again: “Because he said, he said wearing the pants, because pants with zippers…”

Sam interrupts Aboy: “Forbidden! Pants with zippers are forbidden in the pool!”

Aboy pouts for a moment because of his missing punchline, then he shouts: “All street pants are forbidden,” and sticks his tongue out to Sam’s direction.

Now Jan interrupts Aboy and says: “That’s why we bought the pants.”

“Yeah!” Aboy shouts and sits down again.

Ma’am Tolisan repeats and notes: “Bought pants, because street pants with zippers are not allowed in the pool.”

The five nod eagerly.

Ma’am Papillio looks at her Mickey Mouse watch and sighs: “Okay, after the Gaisano? What did you do then?”

Aboy and Phil jump up and shout: “Swimming pool!”

Dan also jumps up and makes movements like he’s swimming.

Ma’am Papillio warns: “Children sit down and don’t scream so loudly. And please, one by one.”

Ma’am Tolisan: “Did you change your pants before swimming?”

Aboy answers again eagerly and quickly: “Only the street pants against the basketball pants.”

Jan answers like at school by lifting his finger, but starts talking straight away: “Tommy also bought underpants for us.”

Sam interrupts Jan: “We should wear them later, Tommy said.”

Dan repeats and nods seriously: “Later, after the pool.”

Ma’am Tolisan writes busily.

Ma’am Papillio: “How long have you been in the pool?”

The five answer again at the same time. Ma’am Tolisan pulls her hair again and writes as fast as she can.

Aboy: “A long time!”

Sam: “Very long!”

Phil: “The pool is huge!”

Dan: “There’s a slide!”

Jan: “And a tiny waterfall!”

Ma’am Papillio: “How long, boys?”
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