Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.21. online

Chapter 2.21. online. Access to the entire chapter with password. The novel as book will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.21. Ma’am Papillio and the TV news


Carmen Papillio dials the number of the ABC-PTV reporter Suzette Zambrano. “The sender’s sharpest weapon,” she whispers and smiles while the cell phone connects. The attractive women have known each other since they were in high school together. Today they have a loose friendship and a professional working relationship. They accept each other. After Ma’am Papillio was appointed as Police Superintendent and head of the “Women And Children Protection Helpdesk,” she had to give Suzette a few interviews or meet her at press conferences. Interviews and press conferences are more of a chore for Papillio.

“Hello Suzi, here is Carmen. Um, Carmen Papillio. How are you?” Ma’am Papillio opens the conversation a little bit too friendly.

“Carmen, oh, that’s a nice surprise! I’m fine. Nothing great happened. Much work! And you?”

“Me? Also a lot to do. The work does not tear off.” Carmen doesn’t quite get into the conversation.

“Yes, Carmen, I can imagine that you have a lot to do. You probably calling about the German who was arrested with five local kids in the hotel, right?” Suzi quickly adds: “What’s about a press conference?”

Carmen is a little annoyed because she has to answer questions immediately, and she doesn’t really like that. She knows, she has to be very careful with Suzi, the reporter. Carmen sighs: “It’s definitely too early for a press conference, Suzi. I don’t think the case will be hung that high. My boss has not commented on it either. So there is currently no plan for a press conference.”

Suzi immediately asks: “This Heger, the German, what kind of guy is that? An dangerous sex gangster out of control or more an uptight guy?”

Carmen answers: “That is a good question. What kind of guy is that? So rather the nice, friendly, open guy. He talks a lot. He hasn’t yet realized the difficulties he is in.”
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