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Chapter 2.20. online. Access to the entire chapter with password. The novel as book will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.20. The departure of the parents


[The parents meet in the village to travel to their children and the arrested Tommy.]

Marie-Ann has worry lines on her forehead: “Children in the BSWD youth home! I don’t like that at all. You all know, if the BSWD got a child, they won’t give it back soon. Remember the story of Romolo.”

“Mom, don’t meet trouble halfway,” Vicente interrupts her.

Romolo Senior clears his throat loudly, is upset and looks angry. It gets quiet, and all eyes are on him: “This bitch, she runs away with a younger guy and to top it off, the BSWD is taking my children out of my house! The bitch has committed adultery and not me.” Romolo stamps his left foot lightly and immediately groans in pain. Angrily he adds: Bloody idiots from BSWD, they are idiots!”

“Dad, don’t get upset. We came back to you,” Silas replies quickly and massages Dad’s shoulders.

Marie-Ann admonishes her brother: ”Romolo, don’t curse, especially not in front of the children. We should pray together right now.”

Kagawad Jacub Castro, the mayor, has just arrived and interrupted Marie-Ann: “Who is still missing?” He sits down, looks around, lights a Marlboro and inhales deeply.

Silas nudges Michael-Loy and whispers softly: “Real Marlboro. Definitely delicious.”

Michael-Loy grins like a naughty kid: “Definitely!”

Matthew looks into the crowd: “Ernesto and Rica are missing. Wait, they are coming.”

Ernesto Restito, Sam’s father, does not sit down. He is in a hurry, is impatient and curses: “What a bummer, is there still no Motorela?”

The dusty place at the waiting seat is also the turning point of all motorcycle taxis to go back to Sendong City.

“Okay, then let’s go to the road, the highway!” Eresto scolds.

Silas shakes his head wildly: “But not with Dad’s knee!”
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