Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.19. online

Chapter 2.19. online. Access to the whole chapter with password. The novel as book will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.19. Sam’s sister


Silvia goes deep breath and then says quickly: “We are waiting for Mom and Dad. All parents come!” She clears her throat and has problems speaking: “ Then we will see.”

Ma’am Solano looks up briefly from the computer keyboard and nods barely visible. Then she sets the golden reading glasses on the broad tip of her nose and continues to press the keyboard at a snail’s pace.

Aboy suddenly stomps violently with his left foot on the concrete floor. Angrily he hisses: “But why are we arrested? What about Tommy? We want to go home!”

Phil and Jan repeat: “We want to go home!”

Dan, the smallest, suddenly howls thick crocodile tears. Silvia’s blouse gets wet. He stammers: “I want to go home. I miss my mom and dad!”

Silvia also has tears in her eyes: “Tsch, Tsch,” she whispers in a choked voice and gently strokes Dan’s straight hair, “calm down, Dan, don’t cry.”

Ma’am Solano hands a roll of paper towels to Phil, who is standing next to her. He passes the roll on. The crying boys dry their tears and blow their nose on the paper towels.

“Well, well,” Ma’am Solano begins her speech, “such big boys don’t cry! And now calm down! You are not arrested. Only under custody. And your parents are coming. Then we’ll see. So there is no reason to be angry.” She gives Aboy a sharp look. Aboy looks embarrassed at the floor.

Dan is still sobbing. His slim body trembles on Silvia’s thighs.

“And now stop crying,” continues Ma’am Solano angrily. She is now standing and leaning slightly forward on the desk. “Your parents are coming. So calm down now!” she says sternly.

The boys are now realizing what Ma’am and Silvia about their parents said.

Sam massages Silvia’s sweaty neck. He asks carefully: “Is this true? They are coming? Ma and Pa?” His eyes brighten.
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