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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.17. Three plus five boys


In the play and bedroom, they are already expected by the three street boys. The last night has been very short, and the five friends are weary and lying now on the beds. Dan cuddles to his older brother Jan.

The tall and skinny Dodung immediately want to know what happened: “Well, that was a grenade! You lucky ones! I would give her an interview any time, any place.”

The smallest of the street boys teases Dodung cheekily: “They don’t want to talk with us rugbyboys. They don’t care about street children. We’re ugly. Nobody wants to have anything to do with us! Especially you, Dodung! They don’t care about you. You don’t get it?”

“Shut up, Necko, otherwise you will get a headbutt. You want one? Dodung suggests a headbutt.

Necko ducks his head and, like a monkey, makes a protective roof over his head with both hands and already screams, although nothing has happened yet: “Ouch.”

Bernie, the third street boy, laughs out loud: “You five are TV stars!”

Necko begins to sing and dance:

Hey ya – Tiewie-Star
Hey ya – Tiewie-Star
Hey ya – Tiewie-Star

He sings and dances like a North American Indian around the campfire around his two perplexed friends.

The five friends from the village, Sam, Aboy, Phil, Jan and his younger brother Dan, watch the goings-on with perplexed faces. Aboy and Phil start laughing and clapping with Necko’s singing. The other friends stretch on the beds and yawn comfortably.

Quickly Dodung loses her patience: “It’s enough, Necko, you monkey!” Necko is faster than Dodung and flees behind the red children’s bench and shows Dodung a long nose, but Dodung immediately loses his interest in Necko.

Dodung asks Sam: “Why did the sweet lady leave so quickly and suddenly she was in such a hurry? Did you give her the number of your cell phone?” He laughs out loud. “She’s a liar. She said, me after you. I mean the interview.”

Meanwhile, Necko attempts to annoy Dodung with long noses, but he does not pay attention.

Bernie is standing next to Dodung now: “She’s like all adults. They all lie. First promise something and then don’t keep it. They give a shit on us.”

Dodung nods and asks: “What did they actually want to know of you?”

Aboy yawns: “Everyone wants to know the same thing. Who is Tommy? Is that our friend? What did we do here yesterday? Why did we come here in the first place? Did we shower in the hotel? Blah, blah, blah.”

“Took a shower in the hotel?” repeats Dodung.

“What’s so interesting about taking a shower in the hotel?” Sam is upset.

“Come down Sam,” Jan says.

But Sam is angry: “What in the hell do they want to know? Are they all crazy here! Tommy is nice and he’s our friend. Solano has two faces. First shit friendly and then like a witch. I want to go home!”

Aboy also shouts loudly: “They are all completely stupid here. Why do they want to know all this? It doesn’t matter whether we shower or not. And the shower in the hotel is great, the rays like waves. Like the sea. (He makes wave movements with his hands). And the shower was so nice and warm. We don’t have anything like that at home.”

Phil laughs: “At home none of us has a shower in the house. The sea, the river and the washing area in the village are our showers.”

Now all eight boys laugh loudly.

Dodung agrees: “We also wash ourselves in the sea, in the river or on the water pump.”

Bernie laughs: “If we sometimes wash us!”

Necko screams: “But that’s seldom!”

The boys giggle.

Jan gets serious: “Why did they arrest Tommy and us?”
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