Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.16. online

Chapter 2.16 online. Access for the whole chapter with password. The novel as book will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.16. My cell phone


[A phone call between the arrested Tommy and his foster son Franco is going on.]

Police Officer Ma’am Tolisan looks up again, startled. Then she quickly glances at her little watch and back at me. She certainly notices my panic: the red head, the sweat, my hectic breathing. I grin in agony. She keeps typing on the computer keyboard, bored.

She’s probably just here because of me! I feel guilty. My t-shirt is soaked through again from sweat. Nervously I slide back and forth on the plastic chair, which creaks uncomfortably in the silence. “Just don’t attract attention,” I tell myself.

“Franco, calm down!” I talk to my friend and foster son. But it is difficult for me to comfort Franco because I am close to tears also and have problems breathing.

Alvin giggles in the background. Franco is still sobbing, he has apparently calmed down again. A woman is talking, Alvin scolds, a toddler begins to scream as if the toy had been taken away from him.

“Oh, my god,” I think, “the situation — this stupid and completely unnecessary story — is getting completely out of control.”

Ma’am Tolisan again looks at her watch and then reproachfully to me.

“I have to end the phone call, Franco.”
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