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Chapter 2.11. online. Access to full chapter with password. The novel as book will be published soon.


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Journey into Disaster

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2.11. Sensation in the village


The knowledge about a sensation in the ABC-PTV News spark an unprecedented pull in the village. Those who do not have their own television — and most of them don’t have — now flock to father Kandayo. He has the largest TV set at all.

The small forecourt in front of Michael and Vicente’s door empties quickly. Romolo, supported by his 16-year-old son Silas, limps over the short footbridge. Vicente carries little Max on her right arm, and her little daughter has already hurried ahead. Michael locks the hut and is the last to leave the jetty. He takes the blue Nokia 3310 with him and hangs the door key on the thin cord around his neck. Max sucks happily on the captured new toy, and that is Ernesto’s ballpoint pen.

“Everything will be fine!” says Vicente, sadder than she wants to be.

“Sure!” sobs Lang.

“That is a misunderstanding!” Michael interferes and tries to spread optimism.

“That will be cleared up!” Vicente also tries with optimism. It hardly sounds believable.

“Children in the BSWD! I don’t like that. You know, if the BSWD has caught a kid, it won’t be back anytime soon,” Lang shakes his head.

“Don’t conjure up ghosts,” replies Vicente with resignation.

“Let’s see the report in the news first. Then we’ll know more.” Michael ends the short conversation and takes over little Max quickly.

Kandayo’s house is just a few meters from the beach. In contrast to most bamboo huts, it is a brick-built, plastered and painted yellow small single-family house. White tiles adorn the floor. The roof is made of new and brightly shiny corrugated iron. In front of the house is a small veranda with a table, chairs and a bamboo bench. Basically, the house consists mainly of a living room. A huge flat screen is hanging on the wall on the right. The adjoining rooms appear to be added later. On the left is f and mother Kandayo’s sleeping room. Then the open little kitchen with a fireplace and the gas stove. There are kitchen utensils and the sink. The Kandayo family even have a refrigerator. There’s a tiny toilet next to the kitchen.
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