Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.10. online

Chapter 2.10. online. Sorry, access with password only.


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.10. Conference in the TV station


Steiner (CEO of the television station) watches at the loudly ticking wall clock in the dreary conference room. Suzette Zambrano and her two companions from the children’s interview are very satisfied. The cameraman and the reporter, who has been degraded to a sound engineer, now look very tired and yawn non-stop or rub their red eyes. Steiner lets himself be infected by the yawning, takes a deep sip from the coffee cup, which is fully decorated with the ABC-PTV logo, looks around and says: “Great job, you three heroes! In about 30 minutes, so around 8:30 o’clock we drop the bomb.” He smiles at the sweet Suzi: “Suzi, have you already recorded the end of the report with our slogan and your name?”

Suzi lolls on the upholstered office chair. She crossed her slender legs: “Of course, boss. But I first speak my name and then our ABC-PTV slogan”

“Sure, Suzi!”

Suzi makes a stupid face in response. General giggles. The boss cracked one of his strange jokes.
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