Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.04 online

Chapter 2.04 online


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.04. Shadows over the idyll


A few huts down the street, the slightly overweight woman — her name is Lydia Barcella, but everyone just calls her “Lang” — holds a red Cherry Mobile cellphone in her hand and stares at it in disbelief. She is still covered with bits of fish. Now she begins to sob and cry, says briefly: “A text message from Jan,” and throws her husband Matthew around the neck. He grabs the cellphone and reads the SMS also. His first reaction is the same as his wife: staring.

“I don’t believe that!” he says, stunned, shaking his head wildly and looking around uncertainty.

People come and want to know what happened. Lang is now standing beside her husband, snatches the cellphone out of his hand and tries to get herself under control.

She screams hysterically: “Matthew, I go to Vicente. Run to Ernesto and Rica, they were still on the beach!”

Vicente and Michael Kabaltos are still standing in front of their hut.

“Lang!” cries Vicente, horrified, as Lang rushes over the jetty with arms waving and a bright red head and almost collides with Michael. Lang is completely out of breath from the short sprint. She shows her cellphone, stutters and gasps: “Children in the BSWD, Tommy arrested!”

Vicente doesn’t believe: “What, why? Is something happening?” Then the two mothers fall into their arms, sit down on the bench beside the front door and start crying.

Michael takes the cellphone from Lang’s cramped hand: “Lang, what happened? Did you call back?”

“No Load!” she sobs loudly.
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