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Chapter 2.01. online


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Journey into Disaster

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2.01. Kids in the Youth Home


Jan notices the deep-set, cloudy eyes. There’s no light in the three boys’ eyes. He whispers to his four friends: “Something is wrong with these guys,” and asks: “Did you see the strange eyes of the three boys?”

Jan’s friends nod and twitch their eyebrows very briefly and barely noticeably, as a sign of approval.

Aboy shows with the spoon to the three and says with a big smile: “Rugbyboys. They sniff glue!”

The five friends look at each other conspiratorially and quickly twitch their black eyebrows again.

Aboy asks the three boys at the neighboring table: “Are you Rugbyboys, street kids?”

His four friends stop breathing.

The three boys are unimpressed and twitch also their eyebrows, nod the heads and answer with full mouths:

“Wala pamilya,” is chewing the tallest boy.

“Wala balay,” is complementing the boy with the middle age.

“Wala eskuylahan,” is swallowing the smallest.

“No family, no home, no school,” repeats and summarizes the 12-year-old Sam without any emotions.

Aboy agrees with that and nods: “No school is okay!” His four friends and the Rugbyboys smile.

The middle slurps loud: „Maayo nga pamahaw. Kagahapon lang ang namala nga isda. Karon itlog ug corned beef.”

Dan repeats: “Delicious breakfast.”

“Phil doesn’t believe and asks: “And yesterday you have only eaten dried and fried Tambanfish? No eggs? No Corned Beef?”

The three nods eagerly and the oldest and tallest guy of the three laughs loudly: “Breakfast today is much more yummy than rugby glue!”

The middle size kid of the three raises the joke: “He has to know that, because that is a professional glue sniffer!”

The three Rugbyboys can sit hardly on their chairs about the very loud and crazy laughter. Now the tall dude is swallowing and swirling wildly with his arms. His facial color changes from dark brown to dark red. Now he’s coughing seriously, and a big bite of rice, egg and Corned Beef are falling out of his mouth on the plate. His two mates and the new boys from the village are now loudly laughing and knocking on their thighs.

Ma’am Burque is in panic. She is besides the long guy, knocks him on his back and shakes him. With a professional theater performance, he smothers, coughs and laughs tears.

Now ma’am gets angry because she sees through the game. “Stop it right now!” The situation calmed down as quickly as it escalated.

“That’s really nice that you have closed friendship so fast,” she says and sits back at the table, to the little ones.

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