Journey into Disaster • Chapter 2.00 online

Chapter 2.00. online


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

2.00. Confusion


But my phone is confiscated and I don’t know if the police will allow me to use it.

I’ve been standing at the cell door for about half an hour now, waiting for something to happen so that I can finally take action. But I also stand there to escape the penetrating stench of the cell. Now I smell myself too, the cold sweat and the adrenaline.

This inactivity and powerlessness demoralize me. I have to do something: inform people, request help. From minute to minute I become more nervous.

I put my hands around the rusty bars of the cell door, press my forehead against it and look apathetically onto the square of the building and then over my shoulder. Now in the dull morning light, the full extent of the garbage chaos is visible on the wall opposite the bed. I don’t even want to look at that. Then those unbelievable filthy, absolutely black, damp walls and ceiling. It actually looks like the cell was recently burned out. The animals and insects, cockroaches, the ant route and the many flies have disappeared, and the rat has not shown up either.


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