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Chapter 1.03. • Police Station Number 1


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

1.03. Police Station Number 1


The woman I don’t like has meanwhile disappeared from the doorway to outside the office. I hear the drowsy and muffled talking of the children and the questions of Ma’am Papillio. Ma’am Tolisan, she is now wearing reading glasses on the tip of her nose, is silent and busy typing the computer-keyboard. Sometimes, apparently when Ma’am Papillio has to repeat questions, it gets a little louder and I understand almost everything that is being said in the chamber. My Visayan language skills are sufficient.

Ma’am Papillio: “You do not know how old you are?”

Aboy: “I know that, but I just forgot!”

Ma’am Papillio: “Okay.”

A short time later, Ma’am Papillio asks: “You do not know your mother’s birth name?”

Phil: “No, but she has same name as my grandma.”

A while later, Jan gets loud: “We all live in the village and are all neighbors and friends.”

Ma’am Papillio: “What’s the name of the Barangay, the part of the village?”

Jan: “Well, village, village by the sea.”

“Laog!” Sam answers cheeky.

“Tahag!” countered Jan.

“That is the border to Laog,” replies Sam seriously and adds: “We all live in the Laog part of the village.”

A short time later, Sam himself gets in a pretty pickle. Ma’am Papillio: “So how many siblings do you have now?” I’m watching Sam counting with his fingers and hear the result: “Eight, no nine, but I don’t even know a sister!” Sam says sadly: “Because she died as a baby.” Suddenly he starts howling: “I wanna go home!” He sobs loudly. Ma’am Papillio hands him a paper towel, speaks calmly to Sam and can calm him down quickly. ….

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Remark • English language

I know, my English [translation from German to English 🇩🇪 ➡ 🇬🇧/🇺🇸] is horrible, but also English speaker shall able to read the novel. If there is a major mistake, feel free and inform me 🤓😁💬🖋📖📚💗

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