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Chapter 1.01. • Arrested


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

1.02. Running the gauntlet


It is chaotic, very noisy and overcrowed in the room. But nobody wake up the children. It seems, the room is too turbulent now for the policeman beside me. He has a brief eye contact with the policewoman, and my transportation happen. The Officer suddenly takes my hands, which are tied up in my back, and pushes me out of the room. Some people follow and of course the camera to capture the news of the year.

The woman — which I opened — is now breathing much more calmly. She is roaming around in the room with many others. I look briefly in her face, but she smiles contentedly and takes permanently photographs of the children with her smartphone. I see the three beds standing next to each other with the children still deeply asleep.

Goodbye children. What will happen now?

The stupid Officer pushes and pushes and the camera greedely filming all. He suddenly pulls my arms, until it cracks in the shoulder joints and hurts. I’m moaning in pain. Then he claps his sweaty left paw on my neck and pushes my head down. Clapping the neck wasn’t necessary, because just by pulling up my arms and the subsequent stabbing pain in the shoulders I’m bending forward. I never had been arrested in my life and never could experience of wearing handcuffs. Well, I am not sure if this is the special Philippine police grip. In any event, we are, the small fat proud philippines policeman and the bent German Colossus, absolutely media suitable. ….

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Remark • English language

I know, my English [translation German ➡ English 🇩🇪 ➡ 🇺🇸] is horrible, but also English speaker shall able to read the novel. If there is a major mistake, feel free and inform me 🤓😁💬🖋📖📚💗


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