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Chapter 1.00. • Blurb • Preamble of the Novel Journey into Desaster


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Journey into Disaster

I proudly present chapter

1.00. Uninvited guests


I can’t know that the journey begins with a knock.

“Plonk, plonk, plonk…”

There’s a quiet knocking. I’m awake or do i sleep? Probably I’m in “No man’s land” — in an intermediate world.

Science calls this state between sleep and wake up “Hypnagogia.”

There I am.

It seems I’m gliding a little towards to the reality, because the nervous system and my brain annoying me with rational thoughts and questions: Damn, it’s hot in the room and breathing is difficult. It’s stuffy also and there is obviously not enough oxygen in the air. But where am I and what time is it? When did I turn off the air conditioning? The constant flow of air disturbed me all the time before. The fog in the head is going to clear. Nevertheless, I’m still lacking of any sense of time.

Beside the deep breathing of the children there are other noises, and they should not be here. Outside the cottage people are talking. Now the door is shaken. The door is locked. I locked the door, I remember.

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Remark • English language

I know, my English [translation German ➡ English 🇩🇪 ➡ 🇺🇸] is horrible, but also English speaker shall able to read the novel. If there is a major mistake, feel free and inform me 🤓😁💬🖋📖📚💗


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