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Reise ins Verderben •
Excerpt from chap. 14.01. Racism and manhunt


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From my novel

Journey into Disaster [Reise ins Verderben]

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Excerpt from chapter 14.01

Tomorrow, on Saturday two weeks ago, we went on the fateful Journey into Disaster to Tugalm City, which took the boys to the children’s home and me to jail. What is happening right now is incomprehensible. It’s a total disaster. A man-made disaster. The “why” comes in my mind over and over again. I wonder and agonize,

Why the social worker overreaction? Why is she’s so absolutely hostile to me and why is she reporting me? I didn’t exchange three sentences with the social worker woman. I don’t know her and she doesn’t know me.

Outraged, I’m thinking,

That wouldn’t have happened to a Filipino. Nobody would have called the police. The police was only called, because I am a foreigner. Wherever the anonymous caller comes from, from the remote village or from Tugalm City, it doesn’t matter. The fact “foreigner” plays the decisive role. I am frustrated, get angry and I’m thinking again, this would not have happened to a Filipino! This are Manhunted foreigners and Racism.

It comes in my mind,

Or is this about the money? To head bonuses? Perhaps the youth welfare office will receive grants or receive financial support for reports of abuse. The non-governmental organizations can exploit this story in the world extremely well for their own purposes: the collection of donations. If only I had just driven back to Sendong City the same day. A foreigner with five little Filipinos picked up in the hotel!

This sentence sounds spectacular to me too. A story with this headline is sure to sell well as news. I’m turning on the mat and thinking,

Is this not about me or about the supposed victims, namely the five boys? Is this only about the profile addiction of some people and above all about money? For my money? For donations to governmental or non-governmental organizations? ….

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