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Omeleto’s short movies on YouTube

We 💖 Omeleto 📺

A series of 🏆AWARD-WINNING🏆 short movies on 📺 YouTube 📺

I’m surprised

about the stunning professional actors, the makers and the very high quality of Omeleto’s short movies! Its incredible!


  • Wickedly funny
  • Sarcastically
  • Confusing
  • Stunning
  • Lovely
  • Divine
  • Sadly
  • HD
  • Wise
  • Bitter
  • Funny
  • Incredibly
  • Laughingly
  • Professionally
  • and more……….

Non-english-speaker may understand!


I suggest today

this funny movie, with a extremely good young actress. Not easy to grow up. This movie makes good mood! Must see!

Title: Two Piece

Link (or click the screenshot):








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All rights [ © ™ ® ] by Omeleto and YouTube!


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