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NOKBEW’s Index of Omeleto’s short movies, what I watched 👀📺💗


We 💖 Omeleto 📺 🎥🎞

A series of 🏆AWARD-WINNING🏆 🎞🎞🎞short movies 🎞🎞🎞 on 📺 YouTube 📺

Surprise • Surprise

About stunning and professional actors, the makers and the very high quality of Omeleto’s short movies! Its incredible!


NOKBEW’s Index

Short films that I’ve seen:

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About the novel ›Journey into Disaster‹ by Konstantin von Weberg


Published on Amazon

The Author’s Amazon

Format Amazon Price in 🇺🇸 $ Pages
eBook ASIN: B09NDVVHZG 4.95 depends on the device
Paperback ASIN: B09NH2F7CZ • ISBN-13: 979-8763254334 24.95 489
Hardcover ASIN: B0B755QSXB • ISBN-13: 979-8839909632 24.98 548

Interesting facts about the novel

  • more than 4 years of research in Asia
  • more than 2 years of daily writing
  • 17 chapters [days]
  • Almost 150 subchapters
  • more than 220.000 words
  • more than 14 hours of reading time
  • German edition published in September 2020
  • English edition published in December 2021


German edition


English Edition


The Story

A German is arrested in the Philippines…..
Watch the video on YouTube!


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The novel as picture story


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