About a good friend



This is my friend and from time to time he visit me.

He is very curious, watching me, observe me. He is not afraid, he is interested in me. And I’m interested in my friend.

My friend doesn’t talk so much. But that’s OK for me, because I’m a quiet person also.

I like him because he always eating the mosquitoes and other annoying insect’s.

The only what I didn’t like was the sound of my friend in the night:

„Tuko, Tuko, Tuko“

I count: 12 times that noisy word, tuko. And that in the middle of the night!

Since a time I did not see my friend again. Maybe he found a partnership?

Sometimes I hear my friend shouting outside the house, in a coconut or nipa or other palm tree.

The people here told me, it brings a lot of luck if an Tuko-Lizard lives in your house.

I hope that’s true, because I need a lot of good luck to change my situation.

Sometimes I miss my friends, but I’m sure he is very happy now, with his new family.

See you soon my friend. God bless you 😉


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5 Gedanken zu “About a good friend

  1. Thank you for sending this my way. I hope Tuko brought goodness to you. Just maybe, you have to wait for it. I also would miss him. I suppose he already brought friendship, even though he chose to find a companion of his own kind.

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  2. Liebender nokbew
    Danke für diese Deine knappe
    Und poetisch anrührende Erlbnisgeschichte
    Obwohl ich Dein Haus nie betreten
    Dich und Dein Land nicht kenne
    Bin ich Dein Freud lautlos
    Lächelnd und begleite Dich
    Auf unserer Reise aus dem Verderben
    Ins unendliche Werden….
    Segen Dir
    Joaquim von Herzen

    Gefällt 1 Person

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