the daily food 2013-12-01

dried fish and government (NFA) rice

in the article the daily breakfast was written that guests – without money – must eat this

“they have no choice”

dried fish and government rice

dried fish
the regional name of the fish is Tamban

the dried fish are fried in oil

the experience about this fish:

  • the taste is like a mixture from worst, bad meat and rubber
  • the smelling is like a dead, wet dog
  • the color is grey
  • sometimes the bodies of the fish are completely destroyed

government (NFA) rice
You can find any things in the rice:

  • stones
  • plastics
  • insects
  • parts of the plastic sack
  • hair
  • fingernails
  • other undefinable things
  • …but never coins 😦

the rice is often an over cooked gray mass

the rice smells like a chemistry factory

how much is the rice?

1kg NFA rice is about  24 – 28 Php.
1kg eatable rice is about  40 – 48 Php
example “best trading” brand

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the breakfast drink

freshly boiled coffee or tea?
any kind of Juice?
milk or cocoa?

sorry, only available if you have money

for guests without money we have only water from the tap on the yard


the daily cofe

3 in 1.... too much sugar inside
it's ok!

it’s ok, but fresh brewed cofe is better.

the daily breakfast (or more)

breakfast for all
the stay – in that pleace – is include breakfast

if you don’t have money, you have to eat this

dried fish and government rice

if you don’t have money

it will be your dinner
it will be your coffee cake
it will be your supper
it will be your snack throughout the day…

and always as long as you stay here….

day by day
week by week
month by month
year by year
and for somebody….

about the quality see article the daily food

the food budget for one guest is equal about 60 Php   daily
equally ~1 Euro


if you have money you can eat this

sliced bread

or this

scrambled egg and rice with ketchup

do you know…. you have to buy all things, eggs, rice …
you have to bring your own equipment like plates etc.

and you need a cook and a stove or a fire place and you have to pay him


example food calculating for two adults:

  • 1kg rice = 45
  • 3 eggs = 24
  • Ketchup = 15
  • Onions, Tomatos, condiment, seasoning, oil, etc. = 60
  • Kerosene for the stove = 20
  • amount round about 164 Php


some guests eat this

the small fish have a lot of blood and colesterine

the same fish like - daily breakfast -

the regional name of the fish is Tamban

finish prepared…


happy meal…..

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